You Are Not Alone In Your Feelings

I was a single mom in my late thirties, seeing a therapist to help me deal with issues that were coming up for me. One of the most helpful things she often said to me was, “Oh, Karen, that’s normal!”  I would think to myself, thank God, I’m normal!!  I was sure my feelings, behaviors and thoughts were freakish, unlike anything anyone else ever felt or that I was alone in the world in thinking them when, in fact, it was just the opposite!

You are not aloneDark Nights of the Soul

How often we think we’re the only ones in the world who are feeling certain feelings, thinking our thoughts or behaving in a certain way. We all go through those “dark nights of the soul” as I call my most desperate moments when I’m down in the depths and feeling totally alone in the world. We all feel them at some point and yet, we always come out of them and go on with our lives.


Discovering a Kinship

Somehow, though, it makes us feel better to know that we have a kinship with other women; that we’re part of a group even if we value our independence and even if we like to be different. It comforts us to know that what we’re experiencing is also experienced by others.

One of the comments I get most often when doing the Undoing Vows Ceremonies (events to help divorced women release the old vows and move into new intentions for themselves) is “I didn’t know other women felt that way!” It’s a comfort to know that they are not alone in their feelings.

You Are Not Alone In Your Feelings

In my BizTV Shows episodes this month, I offer suggestions for letting go of a past relationship.  You’ll see that you’re not the only one going through the whole range of feelings from relief to despair!  There are others out there who know just what you’re feeling.

How have you isolated yourself when you felt down or depressed and what would it do for you to simply talk to someone else who has experienced similar feelings?

I’d love to hear from you!

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