Undoing Vow Ceremony

Whether you walked down the aisle to the oohs and aahs of friends and family, white dress train trailing behind, or you stood on your own in front of a judge, you made a vow to stay committed to your spouse “till death do you part.”

And those vows meant something to you. Whatever the reasons, good, bad, and ugly, you had to end the marriage. Yet, the vows linger. How do you make peace with a commitment undone?

Karen has been there.

She knows what it feels like. So she’s used her experience and training to create an avenue toward releasing those vows and healing after divorce.

The Undoing Vows Ceremony. 

In this ceremony participants will have an opportunity to dissolve those ties and celebrate who they are now.

Karen holds these events a few per year, and is also available for your group (minimum 6 participants).

Here is a testimonial:

Here is one woman’s experience with the Undoing Vows Ceremony:

Sarah was heartbroken, lost, afraid, and confused after her divorce. Healing did not seem possible to her. When Sarah joined one of our Undoing Vows Ceremonies, not only did she experience of safe, respectful setting for making peace with her past, but she discovered that she had never really been alone to begin with; the stories the women there shared, told Sarah that what she’d been feeling was “normal” and she finally had the tools she needed to move on and heal after her divorce.

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