Toxic Beliefs – I Believe … or Do I?

I focused on unhealthy beliefs about our ex-spouses in my two episodes on BizTV Shows for June.  It got me thinking about all the toxic beliefs I, and others, might be holding on to that keep us stuck; unable to progress, to become a better version of ourselves.

They’re beliefs about us, others, life, even the planet!  And what if all those beliefs, the ones that don’t serve us or are unhealthy, or inappropriate, were just magically taken away?  Where would that leave us? How would we feel? What would we do differently?

Here’s an example: what if it was impossible for me to have a certain negative belief, such as not being good enough or worthy or even lovable?

We all have some version of those thoughts, although sometimes they’re buried pretty deep.

But what if we can’t believe that we’re not successful or abundant or happy? What if the belief that we’re not talented or creative were taken away?

toxic beliefsHow would I feel without those beliefs?  How would you feel?

And then, what about others?  What if we could no longer believe that a member of our family wasn’t listening to us or helping us enough or shouldn’t be doing whatever it is that drives us crazy?

How would my behavior change towards that family member?  How would yours change?

We can extend it even further out. What if toxic beliefs about our friends, co-workers, neighbors, service providers, even politicians were taken away?  For example, ‘my boss doesn’t realize how hard I work,’ or ‘because that person is of a certain ethnicity, she isn’t as smart as I am,’ or ‘all politicians are crooked.’

What if all those were just erased and we couldn’t feel them anymore?  What difference would that make in our lives? How would we treat people differently?

The sudden removal of negative and toxic thoughts from our minds could even have a global impact. Think about the assumptions many people have about the people, leadership, and culture of other countries. Even in America, there are some who feel that as Americans they are superior to other countries and their people. Maybe they feel they’re more creative, entitled, or privileged.

But what if those beliefs were magically swept away? How would that affect our attitude towards other nations or nationalities?  How would it affect their attitude toward us?
Can you imagine how differently our world would get along?

Consider, even, our complacent thought about our planet. Often, people believe that no matter what actions they take that might have a negative impact on the health of the planet, it’s no big deal. Do we believe that we have no responsibility to take care of the planet?  And if we didn’t believe that irresponsible actions against our planet were OK, how would we treat the Earth differently?

I’m not judging because I fall into patterns of negative, toxic beliefs, too; I’m just asking questions as food for thought.

Sometimes the beliefs are so much a part of us, we’re unaware of them. I’ve been making a concerted effort to be more cognizant of my negative beliefs about many things.  As I let go of them, my life gets a lot more peaceful and my relationships are strengthened.

What toxic beliefs might you release to enrich your life?


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