Simple Kindness and Acceptance

We have a long driveway.  Luckily,  my husband usually removes snow with our snow blower, sparing me the work, but recently he was out of town when, of course, we  got several new inches of snow.  Now let me point something out; I have never learned to use the snow blower and I don’t care to.

woman-shoveling-snow-300x261So after that recent snowfall, I decided shoveling the drive would be my exercise for the day.  Well, once I started, the driveway began to look longer and longer!  At one point, a neighbor’s son, whom I had never met, waved and made a comment as he used a snow blower on his parents’ drive.  A part of me thought, well why doesn’t he offer to help me? And then I just let that thought go.

Acceptance causes an internal shift!

Instead, I  reminded myself that I enjoy the winter and it’s good to be outside. I decided  not let myself stress about it and  just do it! I felt myself getting tired but rather than fuss or worry about it, I just relaxed and kept  going.

As I completed a little more than 2/3’s of the drive, I took a break and got a drink of water.  As I came back down the drive, the neighbor’s son came over and volunteered to finish what I’d started.  I’d never even met him!  He said, “You just go inside and rest, I’ll have this done in no time.”

How sweet of him! And had I gotten in a snit about the perceived earlier snub from him or felt sorry for myself, would it have happened?  Maybe. What I do know is that had I fought against the situation as I tend to do, things would have been a lot more difficult.  But I made it SO much easier on myself by practicing acceptance; just accepting everything as it unfolded and being OK with it.  It also reminded me of the basic kindness of most people which I might have missed had I been filled with angst.

My theme this month on my Toledo BizTV Shows™ is acceptance.  How do you fight life? How could you make it easier on yourself by just letting go and accepting? What have you been struggling to change in your life that’s futile and unnecessary?  I’d love to hear from you.

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