The Power of Just Being

You know how they say our children can be our teachers?  The same can be said for our grandchildren. When our family gathered at our home recently to celebrate a special birthday of my husband’s, I learned something from my granddaughter.

Karen dog image smallIt was the first time our grandchildren had a chance to meet Nate, the greyhound we adopted a couple months ago.  Our youngest, who is seven, absolutely fell in love with Nate.  She played with him until they both were exhausted and needed to rest. One time as I looked out in the yard, Nate was lying in the shade and our granddaughter was sitting beside him, in her little lawn chair! She just kept him company. She just loved “being” with him.

Just being is harder than it sounds!

Her actions reminded me of how we always need to be doing things, keeping busy, checking things off our list but how much time do we take to just be? I know for myself, I find that I define who I am by what I have accomplished – ticking things off my list. And yet, times of absolute peace or contentment or even times of creativity, happen when I’m quiet – times when I just let myself “be.”  I think this applies to all of us whether we’re young or old, married or single, whatever. When is the last time you just took time to be? To sit quietly enjoying the silence, or nature, or your own company, or that of your pet?

Discover the power of just being!

This month in one of my Toledo BizTV Shows episodes, I talk about the value of listening to ourselves and to our friends, loved ones, coworkers, etc. What about taking time to just sit and listen to our own thoughts? Or to just sit in silence?  I encourage you to take some time daily to discover the power of just being; see if you can!

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