While I’m taking care of everybody else, who’s taking care of me?

You’ve heard the phrase, “you teach what you need to learn?”   I discuss that in my most recent Toledo BizTV Shows® episode entitled, “How do you relax?” I ask questions about what we do to relax and discuss how difficult it is for all of us to take time for ourselves. Be sure to watch it for some ideas.

This really hit home for me two days after returning from a recent trip to study and take part in more Journey work, the process I use with my clients.  It was the deepest work I’ve ever done with the Journey, uncovering hidden fears and games my ego plays to keep from feeling them.  It was also the longest workshop I’ve ever attended – 8½ days!

taking care of meI slept 10 hours the night before and expected to be fully ready to jump back in and catch up on all that had been put on hold while I was gone.  I wanted to build on my newly-found peace and self-awareness in order to experience all that life has to offer. Yet, I found my energy sagging by mid day and my frustration rising due to my unending to do list.  I was beating myself up for not accomplishing all I needed to. I wasn’t taking care of me!

As I described my feelings to my husband, he asked me, “don’t you advise your clients to take it easy after a session with you?”  He was right!  I stopped and imagined what I’d advise them to do after 8½ days of intense Journey work!  Yet, it had not occurred to me to think about this for myself, I was caught up in my expectations about what I should be doing.

I realized I wasn’t taking care of me!

Well, the Universe intervened and my schedule for the following day opened up.  It also turned out to be a rainy day; you know, the kind where you just want to sit around with a hot cup of tea.  So I was able to pamper myself a bit, treat myself much more kindly, and gently move through some of the items I really wanted to get done.

How do you take care of yourself? Or pamper yourself?  In what ways do you make sure it happens (like noting it on your calendar, scheduling fun times with friends, etc.).  How do you feel when you’ve taken the time to pamper yourself a bit?  I’d love to hear, maybe I’ll borrow some of your ideas and use them when taking care of me!

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