Ideas for Pampering Yourself

In my last episode on Biz TV, I talked about pampering yourself and referenced a couple books by SARK.

Here is the list of ideas for pampering yourself that I mentioned in the show plus a few more that I pulled from two of her books:
Sark• Buy yourself gorgeous flowers
• Practice extravagant lounging
• Be delicious
• Discover your own goodness
• Smile when you feel like it or even when you don’t
• Describe yourself as marvelous
• Dress to please yourself
• Wear a costume (an outrageous hat, velvet cape, several large, colorful rings, etc.)
• Take lots of naps
• Be inwardly outrageous
• Swing as high as you can on a swing set, by moonlight
• Draw on the walls
• Giggle with children
• Marry yourself & promise never to leave you
• Make more mistakes
• Cradle your wounded places like precious babies
• Eat mangoes naked & lick the juice off your arms
• Celebrate your special friendships with women
• Be eccentric and original

Some of her books that I’ve enjoyed include:
Succulent Wild Woman, Dancing with your Wonder-full Self
Living Juicy, Daily Morsels for your Creative Soul
A Creative Companion, How to Free your Creative Spirit
Prosperity Pie, How to Relax about Money and Everything Else
Inspiration Sandwich, Stories to Inspire our Creative Freedom

If you’ve read her books or if you plan to, I’d love to hear your thoughts and or ideas afterwards. Also, let me know your favorite ways of pampering yourself.

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