Dancing Like No One Is Watching

Do you enjoy dancing?  I do.  I always have; it rejuvenates me.  If you are wondering how often I dance, my sheepish answer is, um, well not very often! In fact, until recently I can’t remember how long it’s been.

Personal careLast week, I was excited that a friend of mine was interested in joining a class with me that I had done years ago called NIA (nianow.com).  It’s a fun dance class based on martial arts and various kinds of dancing. I loved it!  We had so much fun AND we got a good work out as well.  It felt so good to move and shake my hips and wiggle and just express myself through movement, letting myself be inspired by the music.  It had been way too long since I danced with abandon liked that!

I don’t know about you but I get so caught up in my To Do list that I forget about just living and being and having FUN. I feel like I need to accomplish things and be productive, but how can I continue to do that if I don’t fill my own well, rejuvenate myself?

How can I give to others, especially my clients, if I’m drained, exhausted, and have nothing left?

I mentioned rejuvenation in my most recent Toledo BizTV Shows episode, asking the viewers what they do to rejuvenate themselves.

As I mentioned, for me one of the ways is certainly dancing and I’ve made a commitment to myself to do the NIA class once a week.  I also plan to put on some music at home and just ROCK it once in a while!

I hope you’ll join me in doing whatever it is that rejuvenates you.  Let me know the ways you let your hair down and have fun!

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