PrintAs a divorced mother of one, I had plenty of issues that I had never dealt with, some that I wasn’t even aware of. I was scared, angry, confused and unable to sleep. I did various personal growth workshops, tried therapy and counseling, all of which helped in their own way.

Then in 2008, I found Journey work, the work I currently offer to others and it was for me, by far, the most helpful. I could not only access those old memories, I could let them go AND get to forgiveness of the person responsible for the issue.

I realized how impactful Journey work could be for other divorced women, especially at the point where they were going through the process or even if years later, they were still furious at their exes. And as I thought more about it, I was aware there was no process in our society for letting go of the old marriage vows. Then it hit me, what if I could create a ceremony that was respectful and honoring to women that let them use rituals and processes to release/undo the old vow and let them take on a new, healthy intention for their lives? Voila! Releasing the Ties that Bind – Undoing Vows Ceremony was born.

Of course, I couldn’t offer this to other women without first doing it myself so I had a colleague take me through a vow change process that took me back to my first marriage ceremony. In my mind, I saw myself at the back of the church ready to walk down the aisle. I felt a sense of dread and didn’t want to go through with it. Whether that was what I felt at the time or an accumulation of hindsight and experience doesn’t really matter – it’s what came up. In that scene, I had an imaginary conversation with my ex and we agreed that although neither of us felt all that sure about what we were undertaking, we were more than blessed by the beautiful daughter that came out of our marriage, making it all worth it. It’s a little like re-writing history with a positive outcome and it’s so freeing!

Since then, over 30 women have gone through the ceremony and I have received comments like, “I didn’t know other women felt this way” and “My relationship with my ex is much healthier now.”

I’m offering another Undoing Vows Ceremony on Sunday, March 6 from 4 to 5:30 pm. If you know someone going through a divorce and feeling stuck in her emotions, unsettled, and not quite sure where to turn, please have her contact me for more information.


Recently, I focused on the word effortlessness in my video episode on Toledo BizTV Show®.  I shared an example of the total opposite of that in my life so you can see that I don’t always practice what I preach! In this case, however, it turned out to be a wonderful life lesson for me.

I do my own Journey work (the work I do with my clients of releasing old cell memories that get stuck in our bodies) on a regular basis with my colleagues. Just like my clients and all of us, I have cellular memories that can keep me stuck or dysfunctional in my life and relationships from time to time.

In this particular case, I was having what I call a dark night of the soul where I felt totally lost, stuck, upset, mired in frustration and couldn’t seem to find a way out. I felt as though I had to have a Journey process (even though I had had a very deep and healing process a few days before) in order to get through what was going on. I felt I had to get to some catastrophic cell memory in order to have a miraculous, earth-shattering healing!

Karen Kiemnec easeI poured my heart and soul out to a dear friend and healer in a lengthy email explaining what was going on with me and asking for his advice. What I noticed the next day amazed me! I was beginning to feel lighter and lighter and lighter. The issues I’d been experiencing just didn’t have as much of a hook for me as before and finally just fell away.

The act of simply pouring all this out to a friend was all I needed! I didn’t need to understand what had happened, I didn’t need a “huge” miracle healing, I just needed the catharsis of getting it all out.

It showed me that healing can happen in different ways and that it needn’t be a struggle (as is often the way I operate) but can happen with ease and effortlessness.

Do you have ways in your life where you make things more difficult for yourself? What do you do to let go of the struggle?

Let me know if I can help.


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