Belief Change

Our belief system is often developed through conditioned response. The twists and turns of life have given us reason to think, feel, and believe as we do. The problems arise when those beliefs don’t serve a good purpose; one that enables us to live to our true potential.

Some of the side-effects of these negative beliefs are:

  • Anxiety, fear, and stress
  • Mental or physical health problems
  • Depression and fatigue
  • Procrastination and inaction
  • Having no purpose

Karen’s individualized guidance in this 45 minute session will enable a person to uncover an old belief and replace it with new, positive, empowering beliefs instead.

Here’s one woman’s experience with a Belief Change Session:

One woman who worked with Karen discovered she had convinced herself that she was weak and accident prone and therefore could not exercise. She feared she would hurt herself if she tried. After tapping into an old belief system, taking its lessons, and transforming them into her life in a positive way, she was able to change her belief to “I’m strong, healthy and easily able to exercise!” The health benefits both mentally and physically for this lady has been enormous and her positive energy continues to move her toward other new and empowering belief systems for success!

Let Karen help you get started by scheduling a session with her today or use the button below and we will contact you!  The Belief Change session is $60. Contact Karen to find out about the price break if you purchase four sessions!