About Karen Kiemnec, Accredited Journey Practitioner

This is Me:
Karen Kiemnec, Accredited Journey Practitioner

The day I learned how we sabotage ourselves by wrapping our emotions in stories that help keep us stuck, was a day that changed my life.

I got married young; only 19 years old. It seemed like the right choice at the time. According to my mom, we were the black sheep of the family, and if affected my self-esteem. Somehow, hearing that message over and over, I internalized the belief that something was wrong with me; that I wasn’t good enough.

And so, at 19, I rationalized leaping into marriage as a way to get out of my house and start my own life. Besides, I thought, all my friends were getting married, and frankly, he was my only prospect. All the wrong reasons!

Needless to say, the marriage didn’t last. Seven years later I found myself divorced and a single mom to my beautiful 4 year old daughter…and scared to death! I was struck with the thought, ‘how can I possibly raise my little girl, on my own no less, when I don’t even know who I am or what I want out of life?’

That fear swirled around in my head and played on the grief I felt in losing the dream life I thought I would have.

And I was stuck.

In an effort to heal myself, I went to counseling, I prayed, I meditated, and I read everything I could get my hands on! With so much information I often wasn’t sure what was “working” and what wasn’t. I was feeling better, though. Time has a natural way of getting us to at least a certain point of healing. Yet, I didn’t feel completely there.

Karen KiemnecI have been so blessed to have been given a second chance at love with a wonderful man. My husband loves me and my daughter unconditionally and has supported my journey to healing. (Today we have four children, four grandchildren and two mischievous cats.)

Through my husband’s support, he and I heard a lecture about The Journey and I immediately went to a workshop. The messages delivered pierced right into my soul. Like a lightning strike to my very being! When they talked about our self-sabotaging ways, the ones that are wrapped in subtlety and perceived comfort, I knew I had found my healing.

That weekend I signed up to become a Journey Practitioner. I wanted to help other women release those old tales stored in their cellular memories to finally be released from pain – whatever it was that was holding them back and keeping them stuck. I wanted them to get peace and healing without the years of struggle I had gone through.

Today, I am honored to help divorced women release the constraints of their old marriage vows through an Undoing Vows Ceremony. I also work on methods for Belief Change in order for women to get rid of those emotional blocks that have been holding them back – maybe for a majority of their lives – and getting unstuck. We can do this as a One to One or in a group setting; you decide.

My Training Journey

I began Journey work in 2008 and became an Accredited Journey Practitioner in 2009.  Prior to that, in 2001, I was trained in the Lebed Method (Healthy-Steps), an exercise class for cancer patients and taught at various hospitals and cancer centers until 2009.

I have served on the board of trustees for the Women’s Entrepreneurial Network and am a current member.

I am a board member of the Janet Phleger Foundation and the Community Health and Wellness Board.

I am also a graduate of the Certified Networker’s program, and a past member of the Cancer Collaborative and the Breast Cancer Awareness Month Committee.

I was a columnist for Abec’s Small Business Review from  September of 2010 to August of 2011, and am an expert show host for Toledo BizTV Shows since September of 2011,  a presenter on Nightly Healing.com (Sept., 2011 until present) and a member of Chicks for Charity.

Get to know more about me by watching my video series,  Releasing The Ties That Bind or contacting me directly. I look forward to meeting you and seeing what incredible, life-changing moments are in store for you on your Journey!