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Once Upon a Time

He was once her partner, her greatest support, her lover. He was the only man she wanted to be with and she joyfully committed to share her life with him. She loved him.

They had children together, grew friendships together; built a life together.

And now he’s gone. Divorce has reframed everything.

When the Fairy Tale Ends

So many women today have experienced the excruciating sadness, anger, or loneliness that all too often accompanies the end of their marriage and the emotional blocks that occur because of it.

Maybe you’re one of them.

Maybe there are days when you call to him forgetting he’s not there. There are other days you simply call him a string of unflattering names when you realize he’s not. The ebbing and flowing in your sea of conflicting emotions leaves you deflated, depressed, and, at times, feeling defeated. You question every decision you ever made. And the self-doubt creeps in and you wonder how can you possibly raise your children by yourself? How can you possibly go through this life alone?

The Journey Begins

What many women have discovered as the pain subsides, is that this new journey is actually a spectacular adventure! If they let it be…

It’s not easy to release these emotional blocks on your own, though. And that’s where Karen Kiemnec and The Journey come in. This meditative process introduces us to abilities within ourselves we often don’t realize we have.

Discover the radiant essence of your own being and the incredible – even miraculous – healing potential of your own body!

You can release those triggers and dissolve emotional blocks with Karen’s help. An accredited Journey Practitioner based in Toledo, Ohio, Karen can work with women all across the country.

Visit here to read women’s stories of heartache and healing. Learn more about The Journey here, and when you’re ready, get in touch with us. We’ll be waiting.

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